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I am an artist at heart and a businessman by necessity. That being said, I try to provide value and be professional while attending to the business side of things. I provide my word and a handshake when appropriate and references, quotes, invoices, and contracts when necessary. I take pride in returning calls and replying to emails as promptly i can, usually within 24 hours.

Use this PayPal button for deposits etc..

Please confirm price and availability
before sending deposits.


$300 - $30,000+

I perform hundreds of different routines for different crowds, events, venues, themes, etc. A routine being some combination of tricks, stunts, illusions, juggling, etc. in different combinations with or without partners, assistants, dancers, etc. A show can be as simple as me showing up alone with some props or as complex as a Las Vegas style production.

I have some standard rates I charge for certain types of events but more often than not pricing is unique to the demands and expectations of the client. Be sure to be as informative as possible when requesting a quote. Include things like the size of the crowd and age of the audience, size and type of venue, time and date, length of show, themes and occasion, special requests, etc.

20% reservation deposit.

I've been told my people smarter than me to collect a deposit when reserving a date for a client. It makes sense because if a client reserves a date with me it is theirs and I turn away all other gigs. It would be a shame to turn away gigs and then have a client cancel and me be stuck with nothing.

In most instances I require a 20% deposit to reserve a performance. I will gladly "pencil you in" to reserve a date but will still entertain other offers until I receive a deposit. Deposit is non-refundable when a show is canceled by a client. I will however make every attempt to reschedule a performance for you if you have to reschedule your event for some unforeseen reason. I will refund a deposit ,and/or make every attempt to find a replacement, if I have to cancel due to some unforeseen event, yet to happen.

Balance due on date of performance, most cases before performance begins.

Juggler - Entertainer - Magician

Jason Pipitone
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